Bleed Lesson Part 6 (3:22 - 3:38)
Bars 98 - 105 of transcription

This section has a new foot pattern which is 22 16th notes OR 5 quarter notes in length.

The best way to remember the pattern is to think of 2 "Herta's" + 3 "Herta's"

This pattern repeats like this for 8 bars.

Listen to how the pattern cycles over the 8 bars.
Press play to listen to the 8 bar example. Played at 90 BPM

The pattern repeats 6.5 times in the 8 bars because it is 5 quarter notes long.
This makes it tricky to keep track where you are in the bar of 4/4.

When learning this section write out just a basic bar of 4/4 just the hands as shown below.

Follow this with your eyes when playing along to the pattern.
This can help to keep track of where you are in a bar of 4/4 and make it easier to learn the section.

Another thing to remember also is the cymbal accents at the end of every "Herta" phrase,
which happens on the 2nd 16th note of any particular beat.
The beat that they fall on obviously moves because the length of the repeated pattern does not fit evenly into a bar of 4/4.

The cymbal accents can be played with the left hand.

Cymbal accents

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