Bleed Lesson Part 4 (1:41 - 2:31)
Bars 50 - 73 of transcription

This is an interesting section of the song to analyse because it has two repeated phrases of different lengths that overlap each other.

The drum pattern is 11 8th notes in length. Below is a 4 bar excerpt of the drum pattern with accents.

The guitar riff repeats over a longer cycle which is 33 8th notes in length. Circled in red below.

This rhythmic counter-point creates a sound that is interesting and unique.

To begin to break down the rhythm we map out the accents in 16th notes over 8 bars.

The next step to add in the "Herta".

Now split the the pattern between the hands and feet and take out the extra 16th notes.

Add the cymbal pattern which compliments the foot pattern.

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