Bleed Lesson Part 3 (1:24 - 1:41)
Bars 41 - 49 of transcription

This section of the song is a variation of the groups of 3 "Herta" pattern played in the first section of the song. This is also the same rhythm used as the ending of the song. The basic pattern is written below.

The differences are:

  • The "Herta" pattern is split between the hands and feet.
  • There is a lead in to the section which starts half way through bar 41 as shown below.
  • The right hand plays clear and even 8th notes on the crash cymbal whereas before the emphasis was on the quarter note.

The "Herta" pattern is displaced by half a bar because of the lead-in to the next section. The first note is the left hand stroke. The fundamental "Herta" is written below

Now with the displacement rewritten it looks like this.

Now just split the pattern between the hands and feet.

Then add the cymbal 8th notes with the right hand.

Put it together and you have the complete groove.

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