Bleed Lesson Part 2 (0:52 - 1:25)
Bars 26 - 40 of transcription

In Part 1 of the lesson we talked about the "Herta" pattern and how it was used throughout the song. In the first section of the song the "Herta" pattern is played in groupings of 3.

In the next section this changes to groupings of 5. To break it down we will start with the hands. Play 16th notes accenting in groups of 5.

Then add the "Herta" pattern at every accent point.

Once you are comfortable with this move the pattern to the feet. The pattern will repeat every 5 bars or 5 quarter notes because it is groupings of 5.

Add the hi-hat and snare when you are ready. Be aware which hands fall with which feet.

To break it down learn it bar by bar. Learn just the first bar then repeat it. Then add the second bar and repeat the 2 bars together. Continue in this vein until you have whole cycle of the 5 pattern working under the 4/4.

There is a variation towards the end of the section. It reverts back to the orginal pattern in groups of 3. This compliments the variation in the the guitar riff.

Bars 34 - 39 of transcription

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